Georgia Diminished Value Claims Often Unclaimed

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If you’ve been the victim of a car accident in Georgia, and you and your passengers escaped physical injury, you are fortunate. We count our blessings every day, and walking away from an automobile crash is a blessing indeed.

While the physical damage to your vehicle can be repaired, many drivers don’t know that the value of their car has just been diminished. Repair shops are required to file reports, and organizations like Carfax will now “ding” your car for being in a wreck. Dealerships would not give you as much for a trade- in now, and it’s a fact that the value of your car has gone down, even if it has been repaired beautifully.

It doesn’t seem fair, does it?

To top it all off, your insurance company (or more likely the insurance company working for the person who hit you), may not tell you that you can file a claim to receive compensation for the “diminished value” of your car.

Diminished Value is the amount by which your car has gone down in value due to an accident. A 2012 Lexus that has never been wrecked is worth more than a 2012 Lexus that has had the rear bumper, side panel, and trunk replaced and repainted, even if it’s been repaired to the highest standards possible.

Should it be that way? Maybe not. Is that the case? Absolutely.

At the law offices of David Van Sant, we work with clients who have been involved in automobile or truck accidents, and we help them seek and recover the diminished value of their car or truck or other vehicle that was involved in an accident that was not their fault..

In reality, many insurance companies are easy to work with on diminished value claims, and while they may not shout from the rooftops about the coverage, they will write checks to accident victims based on the lost value of the car. This occurs after it has been completely repaired. We help many of our clients recover this diminished value.

If you’re in an automobile crash, or if you recently settled on an accident and the insurance company did not make you aware of your rights to a diminished value claim, contact the Law Offices of David Van Sant in Atlanta, Georgia. David Van Sant is a personal injury lawyer in Georgia who can assist you with your diminished value claims and other issues resulting from car, truck or motorcycle accidents.