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Georgia Bar Fight Wrongful Death

Our Atlanta wrongful death attorneys know that losing a loved one is one of the worst things that can happen. And it is one of parents’ worst fears to have to bury a child. That is what happened to the parents of Gary “DannyMimbs in January 2011.

That night in January, Mr. Mimbs went to a bar in Macon, the Whisky River, to meet friends. After drinking, he got into a fight and another patron, Jeremy Jackson, punched him in the head. A security guard at the bar broke up the fight and two body guards led Mr. Mimbs and Jackson outside. Once outside, Mr. Mimbs blacked out. He was taken to the hospital and a few hours later was declared brain dead. He was taken off life support and passed away soon after.

The criminal case against Jackson still hasn’t been resolved more than two years later, much to the frustration of Danny Mimbs’ mother, Vicky Rich. Jackson has been free on bond since February 2011 and claims he was defending himself in the fight against Mr. Mimbs. Last week, the criminal charges for Jackson were upgraded when a grand jury indicted him for murder and aggravated assault, up from the previous charge of involuntary manslaughter.

Aside from the criminal case, Mr. Mimbs’ family filed a wrongful death lawsuit in Bibb County State Court against Jackson, Whisky River, and four security guard/ bouncers involved in their son’s altercation. The family claims that Mimbs’ death was not only due to Jackson’s punch, but also that the security guards dropped him on the pavement outside after the fight, which may have increased the injuries to his spinal cord and brain. The lawsuit also alleges that bouncers were heard telling Jackson they would stay out of the way and “he would have a free shotat Mr. Mimbs. The family asserts that Jackson hit Danny Mimbs several times and that the bouncers did nothing to prevent the physical attack. They also claim Whisky River’s bouncers were negligent in not warning Mr. Mimbs about Jackson. Also, once Mr. Mimbs was injured and on the floor, he was not responsive. The lawsuit claims that they should not have moved him and that the movement might have broken his neck. The family is seeing $250,000 in punitive damages, $10,820 in funeral expenses, $42,504 for medical costs, as well as compensation for Danny Mimbs’ pain and suffering.

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