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GDOT Web Tool Allows Drivers to Monitor Traffic Conditions

According to the Georgia Department of Transportation’s (GDOT) Crash Data statistics, the number of traffic accidents in a given area is often directly proportional to that area’s traffic load. Many Georgians don’t realize that GDOT provides a way for drivers to monitor and anticipate traffic, and in that way reduce their chance of having an accident..

Georgia’s Traffic Polling and Analysis System (TPAS) is a web-based monitoring program that provides 24-hour traffic data collected from permanent traffic collection devices that are scattered throughout the state. The data is collected and updated every day.

The data collected by these terminals can be used by drivers in a variety of ways to facilitate safe trip-planning:

  1. Choose routes to avoid high-volume traffic areas. Informed drivers are able to plan for traffic patterns by using TPAS to find alternate routes to their destinations.
  2. Determine the best time to drive through a potentially high-volume traffic area. If a driver must travel in a high-volume area, TPAS data is broken down hourly to show when traffic volume is at its lowest.
  3. View current traffic information. Using TPAS, you can view average traffic information for a given area or drill down and look at specific data coming in from individual monitoring station at different times of day and night.

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