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What Happens if I’m Injured Slipping on Snow or Ice?

Slip and Fall on the snow and iceMost everyone has slipped and fallen on snow or ice. However, while most of us pick ourselves up and proceed on while trying not to be embarrassed, that may be the worst thing to do. Slip and fall injuries are notorious for showing up hours or days later, and the injuries can be serious or life-threatening. Traumatic brain injuries, torn ligaments, spinal injuries, and more can result, leaving a person facing huge medical expenses and a long, tough road ahead of them. Many times these injuries are the result of negligence on the part of others, and when that is the case, victims are entitled to compensation for their injuries. If you or someone you know is suffering as a result of slipping on snow or ice, contact so they can help you determine your next move.

Was I At Fault When I Fell?

When a fall occurs, most people assume it was their fault. However, there are many times when snow or ice are left untreated on steps, walkways, or other areas that result in unnecessary hazards to those walking on them. Here at Van Sant Law, we will take the time to speak with you and gather all the facts associated with your accident. We will help you determine if your fall was the result of a hazard located on the property, who knew about the hazard, and who was responsible for making sure you were given a safe surface on which to walk. Once we’ve gathered all the facts, we’ll go to work documenting everything and begin the process of helping you gain the financial compensation you deserve.

Can I Be Compensated?

When a person slips on snow or ice, recovery can be a long, expensive process. Victims need to be compensated for hospital bills, emotional trauma, pain and suffering, lost income, rehabilitation, and more. Under Georgia law, property owners are obligated to maintain a safe environment on their premises. If snow or ice accumulates, it is their duty to remove it in a timely and reasonable manner, and failure to do so makes them negligent and potentially liable for any injuries that may occur.

Do I Really Have A Case?

Here at Van Sant Law, we will take the time to meet with you and answer any questions you may have about your case. We can guide you through the entire process and put your mind at ease because we realize victims can be very nervous about the thought of filing a lawsuit. However, our promise to each client is to make the legal process as easy as possible. When we go to court, we will present a well-documented case that outlines the impact of our clients’ injuries and thoroughly explains why they deserve financial compensation.

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