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Atlanta Construction Workers Face Serious Dangers in Manholes

A construction worker in Dekalb County, Georgia was trapped in a manhole when he was inspecting a well. The man suddenly encountered an area with a lot of water, and was unable to escape from his position under the ground. Thankfully, fast-working emergency crews were able to take the man out of the manhole quickly. Fire officials say that the construction worker was not seriously injured in the accident.

While the construction worker survived the incident, this accident brings awareness to the dangers of construction work involving manholes. According to the Department of Labor, manholes can often be filled with toxic gases or can be covered in water. It is possible for individuals to suffocate, suffer poisoning, or down while in this confined space.

Any construction workers that are working in manholes are required to have a safety harness, rope, and tripod safety system when descending and are required to wear an approved hardhat. As well, they are required to have a fresh air blower on hand and a gas detector to help make sure that the air in the hole isn’t dangerous.

All construction workers are required to perform atmospheric testing and make sure that the oxygen content in the confined space is at least 19.5%. As well, there must be a ventilation system put in place before a person can go down into the hole. If permanent ladder steps are not provided in the manhole, then construction workers are required to use an aluminum ladder that is in good operating condition.

All construction workers should be instructed to abstain from smoking around manholes, and to make sure to lay the removed manhole and heavy hatch covers flat on the ground several feet away from the opening. This way, there is no possibility of rolling the hatch back and trapping an individual inside.

If you want more information about manhole safety, or if you are a construction worker who suffered serious injured when you were harmed while working in a manhole, then contact Van San Law Firm today. The attorneys at this firm may be able to assist you in your case and get you the worker’s compensation that you deserve!

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