Football Fan? Don’t Drink and Drive!

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It’s football season in Georgia, and you know what that means. In addition to lots of fun cheering on our favorite teams, we also have to worry about more drunk drivers on the road. In Georgia after football games, the number of DUIs skyrockets.

You don’t really need a lot of studies and statistics to state the obvious: people like a little party with their football. If you are going to a party and will be drinking alcohol during the game, it’s really quite simple: don’t drive.

Adults have the legal right to drink, sure, but they also have the personal responsibility to designate a sober driver and to stay out from behind the wheel.

Remember the old “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk?” Well, it still applies. If you see a fan who has imbibed just a bit too much, take away his or her keys. Don’t let your friends tell you, “I’m just buzzed. I’ll be fine,” because buzzed drivers cause accidents too. Confiscate keys, call taxis, use a professional car service, but don’t drink and drive.

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