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Five Things to Do After an Atlanta Car Accident

After an Atlanta car accident, collision victims may face serious injuries or family members may be left coping with unspeakable loss if someone they love was killed. Knowing what to do in the aftermath of a crash can be very difficult, as you struggle to cope with getting medical help, adjusting to life with injuries, and getting costs covered. Five things to do after an Atlanta car accident Van Sant Law

During this difficult time after an Atlanta car accident, there are some key things that you need to do in order to preserve your right to get compensation for a car accident. While the legal technicalities behind an injury claim may not be the main thing on your mind, you don’t want to do anything that will jeopardize your right to compensation for car accident damages.

You should contact an Atlanta car accident lawyer right away following the collision to make sure you take care of everything you need to in order to protect your right to compensation.

Five Things to Do After an Atlanta Car Accident

After an Atlanta car accident, five key things that you need to do include

Call the police to the crash scene:

Reporting the accident right away is essential so police can come, write up a report, and issue a citation. You want to have the police report from the collision scene to use to help you show how the car accident actually occurred just in case there is any disagreement.

Collect evidence from the scene:

Once you leave a crash scene, it becomes too late to get certain key types of evidence. For example, you want to get witness contact information if you can. You also want to take pictures of the conditions of the cars, debris in the road, and anything else which would help to explain the cause of the auto accident.

Get medical help:

Going to a medical professional for a comprehensive exam is really important following an auto accident. If you are able to get prompt medical help, you could avoid the serious consequences that result if you have undiagnosed problems that don’t cause symptoms right away. Your doctor can also document that your injuries occurred due to your crash, which will be important if you want to make an accident claim for compensation.

Alert your insurer to the accident:

You have to let your insurer know in case you must rely on your own insurer to get compensation or in case it turns out you may have played a part in causing the accident. Waiting to let your insurer know about the crash could cause problems with coverage if you need it.

Contact a lawyer:

You should have an attorney who can help you to deal with insurers, collect evidence, and make a claim for compensation.

If you don’t take the right steps after a collision, your ability to collect important evidence could possibly be lost forever. You do not want to put your car accident claim at risk, so you should be sure to talk with an attorney as soon as you can. Your lawyer helps you to get evidence and meet appropriate deadlines for filing a claim for compensation for crash losses.

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