Five Secrets That Insurance Companies Do Not Want Accident Victims to Know

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InsuranceYou have seen the commercials – the ones that make insurance claims adjusters and their sales staff look like a fun, understanding crowd. But, the reality is that most insurance claims adjusters are not there to help you. They are trained to be understanding, nice, and even say things to coerce you into accepting low settlements. Despite the fact that you pay these people monthly and quarterly premiums to use their services, they truly do not want you to take advantage of that. This is why your local accident attorney is your best defense. Expert attorneys understand how these adjusters work, and the secrets that they are keeping from their customers. That way, they can get their clients maximum settlement for their injury.

What Secrets Are Insurance Claims Adjusters Keeping from You?

You might be surprised at just what your friendly insurance company is hiding from you. When you are desperate and in a time of need, they are ready and willing to take advantage of you. Just some secrets may include:

  1. Your insurance company strives to lie by omission. That means that they like to keep information from you, rather than blatantly lie to you. They do this intentionally, in order to get money from you, without having to pay out your claim.
  2. Your insurance company has their own firm of attorneys. They are ready to use whatever you say against yourself or your claim, in order to deny your claim or reduce the settlement that they offer after an accident. This is why you should never trust the adjuster, nor make a claim or statement to them without an attorney present.
  3. Everything that your agent or adjuster says to you is read from a script. While it may sound genuine, they are well-rehearsed and have strict scripted answers that they must give to their customers. Insurance companies will always give their clients three options for what they can do after an accident, and these options are scripted ones that work best for them – never for you.
  4. Your insurance company will tell you that you do not need to hire an attorney. This is because they do not want you to know your rights, or what you could get for your accident. Instead, they pretend to be on your side so that you think that you do not need an attorney. Sometimes, they will even tell you how little of a settlement that you will receive if you hire a lawyer – but, the reality is that you will get a much higher settlement when you have professional assistance.
  5. You are allowed to tell your insurance company that you want to wait before giving an official statement. This is within your rights. Insurance companies will tell you that you have limited time, but as long as you contact an attorney as soon as possible and have him or her make contact with the insurer, you should be just fine.

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