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It’s Fire Safety and Prevention Month!

The month of October is considered fire safety and prevention month all throughout the United States. During this month, safety advocates work hard to recommend that individuals install smoke alarms and take pains to avoid the possibility of a house fire. Oftentimes this means staying on the lookout for defective products and making sure to that they are removed from your home in order to prevent a fire.

Also, fire prevention involves being careful with flames and matches and only lighting candles when in the home and putting them out before bed or before leaving. According to the Insurance Commissioner, as the weather gets colder more and more families are prone to light candles or make a fire in their fireplace to celebrate the chilly weather. This also causes the higher probability of an accident.

The Insurance Commissioner also believes that stovetop fires can cause serious house fires. That is why it is always essential to set a timer while cooking, so that individuals don’t forget to turn off the burners. Safety advocates also suggest that individuals cover their pans with lids immediately and turn off the burner if a fire erupts. Pouring water on a grease fire may even make it worse, so it is better to just cover the flames.

Also, it is important for individuals to install an adequate number of smoke alarms. If you live in a rental property that does not have smoke alarms installed, then you may be able to sue your landlord for violating required codes and putting you in danger. Also, all households should have a well-established family plan for escaping the building in the event of a fire. Fire extinguishers should also be readily available.

If you are a homeowner, many of these precautions are your responsibility, but if you are renting then your landlord may be responsible.

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