Fatal Wreck in Gwinnett Reminds Us Seat Belts Save Lives

Categories: Accident Victims

This past weekend, a Gwinnett County teenager was killed when she pulled out in front of another vehicle. Neither she nor her passenger, another 16-year-old who was injured in the accident, was wearing a seat belt. The car accident highlights the particular danger that teen drivers encounter on the roadways and the danger they present to other motorists as well.

The driver that hit the young girl was charged with driving under the influence. Both he and his passenger were taken to the hospital. While the DUI may have certainly played a role in the accident, media reports indicate that the teen pulled out in front of the other driver, who did not have sufficient time to stop.

Teen drivers need to be extremely cautious as they get experience on the road. The leading cause of teen death is car accidents. If you have a teen driver, make sure he or she respects the privilege of driving and knows that caution is the best way to prevent accidents.

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