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Signing a Medical Records Release After a Motorcycle Crash

medical records release to insurance company after motorcycle crashIf you were injured in a motorcycle accident, it’s important not to sign anything without first consulting an attorney—especially information requests from the other party’s insurance company.

Though it may seem reasonable to give an insurance adjuster access to your medical records so he or she can verify your injuries and process your claim, there’s more to this request than meets the eye.

Signing a medical records release authorization form doesn’t just give the adjuster access to the records related to the crash: it provides them with your entire medical history. While this is good news for the insurance company, it can have a devastating effect on your personal injury insurance claim or lawsuit.

Insurance companies aren’t in business to help people—they’re in business to make a profit. Some of the surest ways for insurers to keep costs down and their books in the black are to deny valid claims or pay claimants less than what they deserve. Insurance companies do this by using the information you provide against you.

When you release your medical history to the other party’s insurance company after a motorcycle accident, it’s not just looking to verify your injuries. The adjuster is looking for ways to blame them on preexisting conditions or past accidents so the carrier can reduce its financial obligation to you.

Don’t give the adjuster any ammunition. Speak to a motorcycle accident attorney before you provide information. An attorney will tell you which requests are reasonable and which are fishing expeditions that could damage your ability to collect a fair financial recovery. Your legal counsel will also let you know what to give an insurance company and when, and carefully word releases so the information you share is restricted to what’s relevant to your motorcycle accident claim.

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