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Rights of Motorcycle Passengers After a Crash

rights of motorcycle passengers in accidentsSerious motorcycle crashes can leave people with catastrophic or even fatal injuries. Unsurprisingly, passengers face nearly identical risks as bike operators in the event of an accident, including devastating abrasion injuries, head and brain damage, and spinal cord trauma.

While injured motorcyclists can seek compensation for physical injuries, property damages, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses, passengers often feel their post-accident rights are less clear.

Fortunately, motorcycle passengers are just as entitled to pursue and recover compensation for crash-related damages—and sometimes even more so, as they’re rarely found at fault for the incident.

However, before a passenger takes legal action, he or she must first determine the appropriate defendant or defendants to name in a personal injury lawsuit. Depending on the circumstances of the motorcycle accident, the defendant might be a truck driver, passenger vehicle motorist, or even the person driving the bike the passenger was riding. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney will help injured passengers identify the right defendant in the case.

Some people might be hesitant to pursue financial recovery if the person driving the motorcycle caused the accident. Often, the motorcycle operator is a close friend or family member, and a passenger worries that filing a lawsuit will create tension and bad feelings. However, these matters are handled through insurance—which keeps the process from getting too personal.

Learn More About Your Rights as an Injured Passenger

Motorcycle crashes often result in severe injuries for passengers, leaving them unable to work, facing long and uncertain physical recoveries, and buried under unexpected medical bills.

If you’re in this situation, the skilled attorneys with Van Sant Law can help protect your rights and options for compensation. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a free initial consultation.


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