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Product Liability Evidence

Filing a defective product case The product may have been important evidence in your product liability claim, but it’s not the only possible evidence.

It’s important to call an experienced product liability lwyer as soon as possible so that any other available evidence can be secured. This will protect your right to recovery of damages related to the defective product.

Other Important Evidence in a Defective Product Case

Before you can recover financial compensation for your injuries, you need to prove a specific product caused your injuries. If you no longer have the product that hurt you, then you’ll need other evidence to prove your injury was the type that typically occurs when the product you used is defective.

Some of the evidence that might prove your claim includes:

  • Photos of the product. This may prove you had the product in your possession and in some cases, it could establish how you used it.
  • Proof of purchase. Your receipt, warranty, or other proof of purchase or ownership can help establish you had the product.
  • Records from the product’s manufacturer. These might include design, manufacturing, or marketing materials could establish the product was defective.
  • Your medical records. Your medical records explain your injuries and how your doctor believes you sustained them. This can be useful evidence for proving liability and the value of your damages.

Additionally, other documentation such as medical bills, tax returns, and pay stubs can establish the financial value of your damages.

Call a Product Liability Lawyer Today for Help

Your time to file a product liability case is limited by Georgia law. Please contact our experienced product liability attorneys today to learn more about your rights, how to gather important evidence in your case, and your p recovery. We would be pleased to provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation.


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