This is a question that many people find themselves asking. They are unsure if they even have a case to pursue or if it is worth it. There is no exact way to determine whether or not you have a case that will result in compensation, but there are a number of indicators that can provide further insight. Was there another personal that was at fault for the incident occurring? Did they act negligently or in a way that another prudent person would not have? It will need to be possible to tie that their negligence was what caused the accident and was therefore responsible for the injuries that were suffered. For a better idea of whether or not you have a case, turn to a professional to review the details. They have the experience to assess your case and provide reputable guidance. They know what it takes to get results and their evaluation may guide your case in the right direction. Our Georgia car accident attorney has seen what works and what doesn’t, along with what cases stand. As an accident victim, you will have the burden of proof to show that the other party was responsible so getting started on the right foot is important.