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Deadline for Filing a Truck Accident Case in GA

Thousands of truck accidents are reported to law enforcement agencies in Georgia each year. Many of these accidents result in catastrophic injuries that render victims unable to work and buried under a mountain of unexpected crash-related medical debt.

Deadline for truck accident claimsGeorgia law gives people hurt in truck accidents they didn’t cause the ability to seek compensation for injuries and other losses, but how long they have to take legal action is strictly limited by the state’s statute of limitations law. Under this law, truck crash victims have just two years from the date of the accident to file a personal injury lawsuit in the civil court system.

Two years may sound like a long time but, for individuals dealing with serious health issues and other wreck-related concerns, time passes rather quickly. It’s crucial for truck crash victims to explore their legal rights and options sooner rather than later. If a person attempts to bring a lawsuit after the two-year time limit expires, the defense files a motion to dismiss—which will automatically be granted by the court. When this happens, that individual doesn’t have any legal recourse and will be unable to make a sound financial recovery.

Even when victims are still within the two-year filing period, waiting to take legal action has complex ramifications. Evidence in the case can be lost or contaminated, or witnesses may relocate, die, or forget important details about the accident.

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