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Car Accident Police Reports

police accident reportNot as much as you might think. In Georgia, a car accident must be investigated by the police. Officers on the scene are required to file a report if there is:

  • Property damage of $500 or more.
  • An injury or death.
  • A request by any driver involved in the wreck, or an owner of a vehicle involved.

The police officer’s investigation report includes detailed information about the incident and his or her observations regarding what happened. The officer may get information and statements from drivers and accident witnesses to prepare the report.

The Police Officer May Ask You Questions

During the investigation, the police officer will likely ask you questions. You should always be polite and respectful and answer honestly. However, you should never apologize for the accident or talk about potential causes of the crash. It’s always okay to say, “I don’t know” if that’s a true statement.

At this point, don’t discuss who’s at fault for the crash. You may say something that you do not mean to say, and the issue of fault will be addressed later.

In many cases, you will want to provide the officer with limited information such as your license, registration, and insurance information and any facts you know for sure.

What Happens Next?

The officer’s report typically needs to be filed within three days of the crash. While the police report cannot be used as evidence of negligence in court, it may have a lot of useful information for you and your car accident lawyer.

To learn more about car accident reports and additional tips for protecting your car accident injury recovery, please contact our experienced accident attorneys as soon as possible. We represent car accident victims in metro Atlanta and throughout Georgia, and we’d be happy to provide you with a free case evaluation. Call us, or start an online chat, to learn more.


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