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Family Wins $13 Million in Birth Injury Lawsuit

Birth injuries can be one of the hardest things for new parents to deal with, especially in the event that it could have been prevented. Birth injuries are often caused as a result of negligence on behalf of the medical professional during the birthing process. Children all over the country are being mishandled during the birth and it is resulting in life long damages. A family in Chicago unfortunately had to suffer the hardship of hearing that when their little baby was born with cerebral palsy. This condition is one that affects the brain and nervous system which then hurts the bodies’ ability to control muscle movement and can affect many other areas of the body as well.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children who have cerebral palsy by the age of 8, 33% of them have no ability to walk, 11% use walking devices, and 56% can walk independently. Each case is unique and the severity can clearly vary, though the effects will likely affect the children for the remainder of their life. This family decided that what had happened to their precious child could have been prevented. In their lawsuit, the family describes that when the wife went into labor their certified physician wasn’t present so a house doctor oversaw her.

This house doctor had no formal training in obstetrics, the care for the woman’s reproductive parts and the child during the pregnancy throughout the postnatal period, and therefore was uncertified to perform the child labor. Unfortunately for the family, once the certified physician arrived the baby already had extreme damage due to not receiving oxygen; the baby was diagnosed with cerebral palsy soon after. The family took this to a personal injury attorney and filed a claim against the hospital and they were awarded $13 million dollars as a result. Suffering from the medical malpractice or neglect during the labor process is a terrible thing to go through, and now because of this the Chicago family’s baby will forever suffer from cerebral palsy.

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