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Fallen Tree Lawsuits: Who to Target in these Cases

Have you been injured by a fallen tree? Sometimes, trees will tumble because of harsh weather, a poor root system, or decay within the tree itself. These falling trees can be extremely dangerous. Sometimes, they may cause serious accidents and injuries, such as broken bones, head injuries, back injuries or more. Also, falling trees can cause extensive property damage, especially if the tree falls into a house or onto a car.

If the tree is on your own property and causes injury or damage, then you may be held liable for the accident. Yet if you live in a location that has a homeowner’s association, then the association may be responsible for failing to take care of the tree prior to the accident. This is especially true if the landscaping crew already knew that the tree was dangerous and at risk to falling over.

As well, if the tree was in a neighbor’s yard, then that individual may be held liable for any injuries resulting from the fallen tree based on premises liability. Even if you are injured by the tree after it has fallen (ex. Trip and fall accident) then you may be able to sue based on premises liability.

If the fallen tree incident happened in a public location, such as near a shopping mall or at a park, you may be able to sue the party responsible for the maintenance of the property. This could be an owner, or the local government.

If you have been injured in a situation of this nature, then don’t hesitate to contact the firm today to learn more. You need to fight for your right to seek compensation with the help of an accomplished attorney at the Firm. With an accomplished attorney there to help you, you will be capable of assisting the firm in their case.

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