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Accidents Take Time to Clear to Ensure Thorough Investigations

It took nearly four hours to clear the wreckage and complete an investigation into a fatal accident on Highway 285 earlier this week, and that had thousands of stranded motorists sitting frustrated on the highway with nowhere to go.

The accident, which was a one car accident that resulted in the driver being hit by several cars, caused problems on both sides of the freeway, as the driver crashed heading in one direction, jumped the median, and was struck by cars going the other way.

Accidents Involving Fatalities Take Longer To Clean Up

Emergency responders from DeKalb County say the nature of the accident and the scattered remains of the driver were unusual, but the clean-up was not. Accidents, particularly those that involve a fatality, can take several hours to clear, particularly when the coroner is called to handle human remains.

Transportation officials walk a thin line between clearing roadways for other motorists and ensuring respect for the deceased. Complete investigations are also necessary, particularly when more than one vehicle is involved, which was the case in this situation.

Compensation Depends on Thoroughness of Collision Investigation

David Van Sant, an Atlanta accident attorney, says that, while it can be frustrating to be stuck in traffic, it is a necessary evil that goes with tragic accidents. Mr. Van Sant works with accident victims who have been injured, and he has seen his fair share of situations where the resulting settlements came down to the thoroughness of the initial investigation.

“While it can be an inconvenience to wait for emergency vehicles to respond to and clear up a scene, when there are injured or deceased individuals, other drivers must simply be patient and wait,” Van Sant says.

Knowing that a complete investigation is being carried out should provide comfort to motorists, who can be assured that, if they are ever in an accident, the same courtesy will be extended to them by authorities.

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