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Consumer Warning: Energy Drinks Under Investigation After Links to Illness and Death

Monster Beverage Corp. faces multiple lawsuits claiming that product is linked to deaths and other serious health concerns.

Recently a lawsuit was filed against Monster Beverage Corp., manufacturers of the Monster Energy drink. The lawsuit was filed by a mother who alleges that her nineteen year old son died of cardiac arrhythmia last July due to his consumption of Monster Energy drinks. The mother claims that her son would not have died but for the fact that he drank two cans of Monster Energy drinks every day for the three years preceding his death.

Monster Beverage Corp. denies these allegations. They argue that there is no causal connection between the boy’s cardiac arrest and his consumption of Monster Energy drinks. The Company cites the coroner’s report which does not provide any indication that the boy died as a result of drinking Monster Energy drinks. They suggest that the facts show the boy drank Monster Energy drinks for years without incident.

Past Allegations
This is not Monster Beverage Corp.’s first time facing allegations that their Monster Energy drink caused a teenager’s death. Last year, the family of a fourteen year old Maryland girl filed a lawsuit against the company claiming that the girl died after consuming two 24 ounce cans of the Monster Energy drink. In this case, Monster Beverage Corp. also argued that no causal connection existed between the teenager’s death and consumption of the Monster Energy drink.

In both cases, the plaintiffs allege that Monster Beverage Corp. failed to warn consumers regarding the dangers associated with their beverage.

In addition, Monster Beverage Corp. is facing a lawsuit brought by a city attorney. This lawsuit alleges that Monster Beverage Corp. marketed its energy drinks to children and that the drink poses serious health risks to that demographic.

At least three other deaths have been linked to the consumption of Monster Energy drinks. Doctors report that more and more individuals are showing up in emergency rooms around the country, with health problems associated with the consumption of energy drinks.

The FDA has initiated an investigation into the safety on energy drinks and energy shots.
The safety of energy drinks, especially when consumed by children and young adults, has come into question over the past several years. Last fall, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a statement reporting that they had initiated investigations into the safety of energy drinks and energy shots. The investigation was prompted by reports of illness, injury, and death by individuals who had consumed these products.
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