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How Do Dump Truck Accidents Differ from Regular Accidents?

Dump truck being loaded with garbage

Dump trucks share the road with passenger vehicles every day. They are there to transport loose material from construction sites, haul away garbage, and dispose of hazardous materials.

Due to their sheer size and weight, they pose a significant threat to other vehicles on the road. When an accident occurs with a dump truck, it is significantly different compared to that of a regular passenger vehicle incident.

Dump Truck Accidents Cause Catastrophic Injuries

Responsibility in a dump truck accident differs from regular accidents. First off, the driver of the dump truck may not be the only responsible party. In many cases, the company or manufacturer of the dump truck’s components could be at fault.

Dump truck incidents pose a unique set of challenges. These trucks often have leasing companies, multiple service technicians, and never the same driver. Therefore, these parties pool together to create a confusing claim process – and each denies their responsibility. When that dump truck belongs to a state-run agency, government immunity rules could apply too, further complicating the claim process.

Sadly, these incidents often cause catastrophic injuries. The victims of these accidents often have insurmountable medical costs, and some are permanently disfigured. Other times, the victims do not survive, which sparks the need to file a wrongful death claim.

With these catastrophic accidents and their associated costs, it is necessary to hire a truck accident attorney. An attorney with trucking accident experience is needed in a dump truck case. They are able to efficiently navigate through the system and prevent these parties from avoiding liability by putting the blame on one another.

Common Causes of Dump Truck Accidents

Dump truck accidents typically occur because of negligence. Determining which party is responsible for these negligent acts may be obvious, or may need an in-depth investigation. However, the most common causes of these incidents include:

  • Failure to maintain the truck and its components.
  • Failure to offer adequate training or use properly licensed drivers.
  • Failure to check the truck’s performance and safety.
  • Failure to enforce driving hours on employees.
  • Failure to conduct background checks on operators.

Dump truck companies will have their attorneys and investigators on the case quickly; typically, that same day. These parties will work fast to limit their losses. They may even contact you with a settlement proposal hoping that you have not yet spoken to an attorney.

Regardless of what they offer, it is in your best interest to call an attorney first.

How an Attorney Can Help in a Dump Truck Accident Case

Insurance companies are quick to settle, but that is because they know you are desperate to move on with your life. If it is early in the case, they know you have not had time to assess the real damages, speak with an attorney, or even decide how much you need for the past and future medical costs.

An attorney takes these factors into consideration. He or she will also calculate your pain and suffering – something insurance companies typically forget in their initial settlements.

To get the compensation you require and deserve, you need a truck accident attorney on your case. Van Sant Law, offers quick responses and free consultations. Speak with one of our accident advocates during a no-obligation consultation by calling 404-991-5950 or by requesting your consultation online.

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