Driving while Texting Kills

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Driving while on your cell phone could be costly. It has been shown in many studies that talking or texting on a cell phone, while driving, increases your chance of causing an accident. The use of cell phones decreases your reaction times and as such this will cause more accidents. As everyone knows there are red lights, stop signs, merging vehicles and crossing pedistrians which require you to pay attention 100% of the time while you are behind the wheel. Since cell phones popularity has risen to over 276 million users in the United States since the late 90’s, you can expect drivers to use them while driving. Furthermore, the use of cell phones are now a way for folks to conduct business while driving. These business tranactions are not just limited to phone conversations but also entail sending and receiving emails and texts. Since emailing and texting take even more of the users attention, this surely increases the chance of someone getting hurt or even killed. The Moral to this information is for people to be aware that texting while driving is not worth potentially injuring someone. All it takes is for a second to change someone’s life. As such i would recommend that you pull over or just wait until you reach your destination before trying to manage the wheel and your phone.

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