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Learn How to Drive Safely and Effectively to Decrease Car Crashes

Drivers education classes can help to lower car insurance rates for families with teenagers. More importantly, drivers education provides young people with invaluable advice about learning how to drive safely and effectively. Most of these types of programs also require supervised driving practice with a qualified instructor so teens can learn how to make the best choices behind the wheel. Drivers Ed Decreases Car Accidents in Georgia Van Sant Law

Unfortunately, many young people are now skipping driver’s education classes. This has serious consequences as these teens are not getting the best information and experience before they get their license and start driving. Motor vehicle collisions are a top cause of death for teens and young adults, and drivers within this age group are also the most likely to cause a crash and hurt themselves or others. The lack of driver’s education is only likely to exacerbate this problem.

Being a teen is not an excuse for making dangerous choices behind the wheel, and teens are held to the same standard of care as any reasonable driver on the road. If you or a loved one is the victim of a crash with a teen driver, it is important to call an Atlanta car accident lawyer for help taking legal action as soon as possible. The teen won’t have to pay personally to compensate you; auto insurance covers car accident losses. This means it may make sense to sue a teen who caused a crash even if the teen has no financial resources, and you should consider doing so even if you were a passenger who was a friend of the teen.

Drivers Education Can Reduce the Georgia Crash Rate

ABC reported on the decline in the number of teenagers taking driver’s education courses. Drivers education used to be offered as an option to teenagers in public schools but there has been a diminishing availability of these types of programs.

When driver’s education is not readily available in public schools, young teens may need to go to a commercial driving school to get training, education and supervised practice time. If teens simply forego drivers education when they determine their school is not offering it, then the result of this is that there ends up being even more young and inexperienced motorists on the roadways.

Drivers education makes a big difference in whether a teen is likely to follow the rules or make safe choices. For example, one study shows that the crash rate for a young driver who has been through a driver’s education program may be as much as four percent lower. The rate of traffic citations varies even more substantially between teens who attended drivers ed and those who did not. For example, traffic citations are cut by as much as 40 percent if a teen takes a driver’s education course.

Parents need to be aware of the importance of driver’s education and should try to get their child into some type of program to provide assistance. If a teen doesn’t learn the right driving skills and subsequently causes a collision through negligence or wrongdoing, the young person can be held accountable. Call an Atlanta car accident lawyer for help.

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