Do You Have the “Weekend Car Accident Blues?”

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Mondays Are Big Days for Accident Claims

Tthere’s nothing worse than a Monday, unless it’s a Monday after you’ve had a car accident over the weekend. Monday is the day when insurance companies get flooded with weekend accident reports. It’s the day of the week, when adjusters set their busy schedules, and it’s when accident victims begin the often long wait for medical appointments, automobile repairs, and the settling of insurance claims.

Usually by late Monday morning, our phone at this law office is ringing off the literal hook. By mid-day, many people have already become frustrated dealing with “the system.” Our clients are innocent victims. They are the people who were crashed into in the parking lot, side-swiped on a slick city street, or rear-ended on the freeway.

That’s why we are passionate about helping accident victims. That’s why we work hard at the Law Offices of David Van Sant, not only to be legal experts who help clients with claims, but to be good listeners who care about providing exceptional customer service.

Wouldn’t it be nice if insurance companies, repair shops, and doctor’s offices strived to do the same?

We advise all accident victims to keep detailed notes about their experiences in filing an accident claim, working with insurance adjusters, and dealing with repair shops. When a client is being treated unfairly or is not receiving the attention he or she deserves, we are happy to intervene and manage the insurance claims process.

Working with accident victims is what we do all week long, so if by mid-day today you’re looking for a Georgia personal injury attorney to help you through the maze of phone calls and claim forms, contact our offices. We will work hard to help make your pursuit of what you deserve as easy and as pain free as possible.

For an Alpharetta Accident Lawyer, call David Van Sant. Mr. Van Sant and his entire staff are committed to providing exceptional customer service to assist you during the difficult times following an automobile or truck accident.