Distracted Drivers Are a Menace on the Roads

Categories: Car Accident Prevention

Distracted drivers are causing more accidents today than ever before. That’s the verdict of a recent study that looked at the causes of accidents among young drivers throughout the United States.

What is distracted driving? The category is widening with the use of more electronics in cars, but the list of what can distract you is obviously long.

Cell phones are a major culprit, which is why many states are instituting no cell phone zones and outlawing texting while driving. GPS navigation systems, stereos, ipods, and even computers can also distract drivers who feel the need to keep themselves busy multi-tasking while driving.

At our law offices, we see more than our share of accident victims who were rear-ended by drivers who were texting or on the phone. We’ve helped accident victims who were shoved off the road when a distracted driver failed to see them in the other lane.

It’s also important to remember that distractions can involve non-electronic means. Crying babies or wailing tots can be huge distractions for drivers. Too many teens in a car can be distracting to a young driver. Even the most experienced drivers can be distracted by hazards on the road, accidents, or construction sites.

It’s important to recognize that most drivers are probably distracted in some way or another. Drive defensively and avoid creating your own distractions, while keeping an eye peeled for the distracted driver in the car next to yours.

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