Diminished Value Claims Get You More

Categories: Diminished Value Claims

If you are in an auto accident that is not your fault and your car is damaged, you can expect that your damages will be covered by the other party’s auto insurance. Typically, these types of claims are not difficult to manage, your car is fixed, the insurance company supplies you with a rental, and when the repairs are complete, you go on your merry way.

But, wait! Did you know that, even when your car is “fixed,” it is not worth as much as it was before the accident?

It’s true. Your car would sell for less the day after it has been repaired from an accident than it would have the day before the accident occurred. The difference, which can be significant depending on the make and model of the car, is called “Diminished Value.”

The law offices of Van Sant Law, LLC have, in recent years, represented dozens of clients on Diminished Value Claims. Insurance companies will not tell you that you are not getting your full due. But if your car was wrecked and it wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to receive a check for the Diminished Value.

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