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Depositions Critical in Tractor Trailer Accidents

When you have an accident with a tractor trailer, you are dealing with a different situation than when you have an accident with a non-professional driver. As a result, it’s important that you get an attorney involved right away and that depositions are taken as soon as possible from both the driver who was responsible for the accident and his or her safety director.

Over the road truckers have safety requirements, not only for how they drive, but for how their trucks are serviced. In the interest of getting in “one more load,” it is not uncommon for driver to skip a safety inspection or “minor” maintenance issue to get another load delivered. Since the maintenance on a big rig is critical to how it handles on the road, and since sleep deprivation is a major hazard affecting professional truck drivers, getting the facts of the case, under oath, from those involved is critical.

A deposition is a formal statement taken under oath. While it can feel like an informal process, it is anything but. The deposition provides the facts of the case from the responsible party’s point of view. The point is to get their side of the story for use by your attorney, either in court, or when proposing a settlement. It provides the “story” from each person’s perspective. Details are important, and your attorney may ask for your assistance in preparing questions related to the accident.

In addition to getting a deposition from the driver, the transportation company’s safety director will also be asked for a deposition. The questions asked of him or her will help to ascertain the condition of the tractor trailer and whether or not it had received all the appropriate servicing. The driver’s record also will be questioned, as will any training records and travel logs.

Tractor Trailer Accident Attorneys Can Help

Working with an experienced personal injury attorney is the key to achieving the results you need for after your accident with a tractor trailer. If you are in a car or truck accident in Georgia, contact David Van Sant. He is an Alpharetta Accident Attorney who helps victims of accidents with the representation they need to achieve the results they desire in an accident case. For more information, contact Van Sant Law.

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