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Geico Denies Claim, Then Jumps On Board When We Get Involved

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It happens all of the time in this industry. An individual is injured in a car accident, and he or she turns to the auto insurer – a company that the individual has been with for years, loyally paid the premiums to, and one that the customer assumed would be there when the time came to file a claim. Geico originally started in 1936, and since then, the company has exploded into one of the nation’s largest auto insurers. They are known for offering their customers the best rates and coverage options. Today, they are headquartered in Chevy Chase, Maryland, where they still offer insurance policies for all types of vehicles.

Intervenes on a Geico Claim Denial

Earlier this year, a client of Van Sant Law, LLC came to us because Geico was denying coverage for an automobile accident. The customer of Geico suffered from bodily injury and turned to the insurance provider for coverage of the claim.

When the customer first initially filed a claim, Geico denied it – something that occurs a lot more often than insurance companies advertise. The claim was not without merit. The plaintiff had a legitimate claim, but Geico attempted to claim that there was no negligence; therefore, the company was not obliged to pay the claim.

This decision by Geico gave Van Sant Law, LLC no other choice but to file a lawsuit. This is what we are here for. We help our clients when their insurance companies ignore requests for compensation.

What Happened When Van Sant Law Stepped In?

After filing our lawsuit, which requested compensation for bodily injury, Geico was quick to offer a settlement to our client. After many rounds of negotiations, the claim was fairly resolved.

You Need to Hold Insurance Companies Accountable

Unfortunately, denials occur all of the time. While, at times, there are legitimate reasons for an insurance company to do such, at other times, they do so because they assume that their clients do not know their rights, and will not hire an attorney to represent them.

Some reasons why insurers deny claims include:

  • The accident was avoidable – meaning that the driver did it on purpose.
  • There was no complaint or injury treatment received at the time of the injury, when there should have been.
  • After reviewing the medical records, there is no indication that the claimant was in pain or suffered an accident-related injury.
  • The claimant has a pre-existing condition that he or she is attempting to receive compensation for.

When claims are denied in bad faith, similar to this Geico incident, you need an attorney. An attorney can help represent your claim and ensure that your insurer pays your legitimate claim. Most insurance companies assume that you will not seek legal representation – and they are willing to exploit it.​

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