Defensive Driving Tips

Categories: Taking Care

If it’s been a while since you completed your Driver’s Education Program or took a driving test, chances are you may have let your “safety habits” slip a bit.Here is a quick list of tips that may refresh your memory and help keep you safe when you’re out on the road:

Buckle up, every time, even for quick trips.
Keep your back window free of clutter so you can see.
Use your mirrors, but don’t rely on them; always turn and look too.
Drive within the speed limit; under the limit if road conditions are poor.
Keep a safe distance between you and other drivers: one car length for every 10 mph.
Make sure your car is in good repair.
Avoid distractions: no eating, texting, reaching for things in the back seat, etc.
Pay attention to other cars: it is often the “other” driver that causes the accident.
Don’t drive aggressively.
Remember that there is no place you need to be that is worth risking your life to get there.
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