Decatur MomumentA personal injury can be devastating to an individual and greatly affect the rest of their life. At Van Sant Law, LLC, our legal team is committed to helping our clients overcome the burdens of their injury. We do this by fighting for their rights and seeing to it that they are financially compensated in a way that relieves the anxiety of economic troubles that are associated with being in an accident. We have as part of our legal team a former insurance defense lawyer for a large firm that represented many of the largest insurers and employers nationally. Our firm’s understanding of how both sides of the law operates can be a great advantage in obtaining success in your case.

While most of us are careful to maintain reasonably safe practices in our day-to-day lives, there are countless ways that one can be injured. Car, truck and motorcycle accidents can cause catastrophic injuries including paralysis, spinal cord and neck injuries and traumatic brain injuries. Animal attacks and dog bites can occur when we least expect them as well as food poisoning or injuries from defective products and dangerous drugs. You or a loved one may have suffered because of medical malpractice, nursing home abuse or even police brutality. Workplace injuries are common and may qualify you for workers’ compensation. Our firm will be able to analyze all of the facts surrounding your case and let you know what steps must be taken to recover damages on your behalf. We are ready to get started on your behalf, so call immediately for help with your claim.

Types of Injuries Covered by Van Sant Law, LLC:

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Your priority after any injury is seeking professional medical help. Once this has been accomplished, obtaining the services of an attorney from our firm is the next step to take. We can verify that your grounds for a personal injury claim are valid and take the necessary steps to obtain a settlement based on another’s negligence of your safety. There may be a limited amount of time to file your claim so it is important to act as swiftly as you can. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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