Cook Away Stress

Categories: Taking Care

If you’re dealing with legal issues, we know you have some stress. That’s why we sometimes like to provide ideas that may help our clients feel better. With this post, we’re going to talk about cooking.

Cooking? Yuck! Yes, I know for many it can be a chore. But according to expert foodies, the art of chopping, stirring, and cooking good food can actually improve your mood and reduce stress. Why? It unleashes your inner creativity.

If you don’t necessarily consider cooking “creative,” ponder this: cooking requires the use of all your senses: touch, taste, smell, sight…it’s a great way to get in touch with your sensory perceptions and create a wonderful meal at the same time. Put on some music and you can sing along or even dance too. Now that’s fun!

Still not convinced? Pull a cookbook off your shelf and flip through it for some inspiration. Food is good medicine, and cooking good food is a stress reducer. Bon appétit!

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