Caution on the Roads Advised During Last Minute Vacation Season

Categories: Car Accident Prevention

The summer is winding down, but that means car and truck accidents can increase as the roads become clogged with vacationers and even locals who are trying to get in some last minute summer travel.

When you travel by car, it’s important to take precautions, particularly in areas that you are not familiar with. Navigation systems, while incredibly helpful for finding your way around, can also become distractions to a driver as he’s barreling down the highway at 70 miles per hour. It’s best that you pull over into a well-lit area to program or consult your GPS system.

Hundreds of accidents are caused each year by travelers who make last minute lane changes to hit an exit, or who are not aware of area road hazards. When you’re driving around the Atlanta area, be sure to use extra caution when you’re in a tourist area. Interstate exits near theme parks, state parks, campgrounds, zoos, the Coca Cola headquarters, and other prominent area attractions tend to clog up with visitor traffic during the latter part of the summer.

When you leave familiar territory, be sure you know where you are headed or designate one of your passengers as the official navigator. By putting someone else in the vehicle in charge of navigation, the driver can focus on driving and changing conditions on the roadways instead of on directions or a map.

For more safe driving tips, visit the Georgia Department of Transportation website.

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