Car & Scooter Collide, 1 Victim Dead

Categories: Car Accidents

A tragic accident claimed the life of a 21 year old female vicitim this past Monday in North Carolina. According to police reports, the young woman was driving her scooter and going south down the street when a Chrysler 300 collided into her. Sadly, the power of the collision was enough to take her life, even though she was wearing a helmet at the time. The victim was taken to the local hospital for “massive trauma” though the doctors were unable to save her; the young woman died just hours after the collision occurred that morning.

Doug Rainwater, spokesperson for the Forsyth County Sheriff’s office, claims that the 20 year old driver of the other vehicle remained uninjured from the accident. At this time he has not been arrested nor have any charges been filed while they conduct the investigation. Rainwater states that the traffic unit is currently trying to piece the incident together in order to come to a conclusion about the tragic accident.

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