Free Car Accident Guide for Georgia Drivers

Provided by Experienced and Knowledgeable Georgia Attorneys

Woman in a mirror calling for help

At Van Sant Law, LLC, we have written a 33 page, 7 chapter Georgia car accident guide for you to utilize free of charge. The information provided in this guide is akin to a one-hour consultation with one of our experienced attorneys. It is highly recommended that you read this guide as soon as possible, so that you avoid making a costly mistake in the aftermath of your accident. It is likely that you are already getting phone calls from adjusters who are seeking to give you a reduced value settlement for the damages you have sustained. Reading this guide will give you the tools to maximize your chances of obtaining fair injury compensation.

You will learn:

  • How personal injury cases work in our state
  • How pre-lawsuit negotiations should be handled
  • What you should do now, before you hire an attorney, to maximize your case
  • How to speak with adjusters
  • How to find the right attorney to represent you
  • How to obtain payment for your damaged automobile without the help of an attorney
  • How to handle your entire case without the help of an attorney, if desired


It is unwise to hire an attorney, talk to an insurance adjuster, or sign any forms or statements before you review this guide. You need accurate, comprehensive information before you talk to anyone about your case, so that you can make decisions that will benefit you in the long run. You have already begun this process by researching car accident claims and personal injury representation. Continue educating yourself so that you will have a good chance of securing the desired resolution to your case.

You may request our free Georgia Car Accident Guide by clicking here. You’ll be glad you did. You may regret it if you don’t.