California Accident Victim Receives $24 Million Judgment

Categories: Personal Injury

Personal injury attorneys in California recently fought for and won a personal injury settlement of more than $24 million for a woman who was injured in an auto accident when her car seat collapsed upon impact when her vehicle was hit from behind. The accident left her a permanent quadriplegic.

The California attorneys were successful in proving that the manufacturer was aware of the potential defect of their car seats and that they had, in fact, redesigned the seats to avoid the problem in later model vehicles.

Attorneys were able to prove that the seat, as designed, was not strong enough to handle impacts at speeds as low as 30 miles per hour, leaving front seat occupants at risk of severe brain, spinal cord, and back injuries, as well as vehicle ejections. Attorneys proved that Johnson Controls had been aware of this concern since the early 1990s.

The award was based on the woman’s personal injury, medical expenses and need for lifelong medical care, and her loss of past and future earnings.

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