Buckle Up to Avoid Summertime Accidents

Categories: Accident Victims

The Memorial Weekend is behind us, but the summer will be full of heavy travel days. With school letting out, more families will be headed into the Atlanta area from other parts of the country. More traffic on the road will statistically lead to more accidents in and around Alpharetta.

The best way to avoid aserious accident is always to wear your seat belt. Make sure everyone in your vehicle is adequately restrained. That means children over 12 can be in seat belts (shoulder harnesses), but younger kids need to be in car seats, and infants need to be in rear-facing baby seats, not in the front seat.

Air bags can be dangerous to young passengers, so no matter how much your children whine, they really do need to sit in the back seats. It could be a matter of life and death.

A recent Florida study identified not wearing a seat belt as the number one reason why a simple accident turns fatal. You can minimize the chance of injury if you and every other person in your car is buckled up.

During heavy travel seasons like summertime in Georgia, it’s important to drive defensively. There may be people visiting our area who do not know where they are going. People can be distracted by a GPS, cell phone, or even good old fashioned maps. Kids fighting or yelling in the back seat can be a distraction to vacationing families, so with summer arriving, be sure to keep your eyes out for other drivers on the road.

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