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Bombing at Boston Marathon Leaves More Than 170 Wounded, 3 Dead

At the Boston Marathon yesterday, tragedy struck when two homemade bombs went off near the finish line. According to the most recently research posted on CBS News, the police and federal agents believe that the bombs were homemade and were placed on metal pressure cookers and packed with nails and ball bearings. There may have been timers on the bombs, and authorities believe that each one of the devices was placed in a black backpack or duffel bag and then may have been hidden in a trashcan near the finish line.

The bombs were “low explosive” and most of the wounds from the accident involved patients coming to the hospital with shrapnel wounds. Many people had BBs, ball bearings, and nails embedded in their skin after the bombs went off. The explosions related to the bombs were fairly large, but this does not change the fact that they were considered “low explosive.” Three lives were taken, a tragic loss but much less damage was done than if a high-explosive bomb had gone off at the scene.

Bomb experts don’t believe that plastics were involved in the explosion. Federal investigators say that no one has claimed responsibility for the bombings. Some suspect that the attempt may have been a terrorist attack because it took place on Patriot’s Day in the city, but others believe that the bombs are the homemade attempt to wreak havoc by some hoodlums. Currently, the government is regarding the bombing as an “act of terror” until another option can be proven.

Contrary to some reports, no unexploded bombs were found and detonated at the scene of the crime. Police have been tightening security all throughout the nation and the FBI is currently looking through videos of the scene that were captured on cell phones in order to determine whether or not they can catch the offenders who planted the bombs in the first place. Most of the injured individuals at the location suffered hand injuries or injuries to their limbs.

If you have been injured in the Boston Marathon and now want to seek compensation, discuss your situation with an Atlanta personal injury lawyer at the Firm. With the right attorney on your side, you may be able to prove that you were a victim to another person’s uncaring and negligent action. If the perpetrators of the bombing at the Boston Marathon are apprehended, chances are that they will be held responsible for all wrongful death lawsuits or injury lawsuits that will be filed by victims from all over the United States.

Almost 25,000 individuals ran the Boston Marathon and many onlookers were near the finish line at the time of the explosion. At least 10 individuals have had to undergo amputation after the accident blew off their limbs.

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