As McDonough, Georgia Workers' Compensation Attorneys, we know just how debilitating a knee or leg injury can be. If your knee or leg injury occurs at work, Georgia law makes sure that the costs of your injury are covered. Workers' Compensation Insurance provides benefits for medical costs, lost wages and even disability benefits if your income is reduced or if you can't work at all. To obtain these benefits, however, you'll want to get help from an experienced McDonough, Georgia Workers' Compensation Attorney who can assist in making a claim, getting you benefits and appealing any denials.

In 2010, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there were 6,640 knee injuries in the construction sector alone. These thousands of knee injuries were only the beginning. Workers across all sectors can injure their legs and knees in a number of ways at work, from fracturing their leg when falling to wearing on the joints and tendons of the knee.

When a knee or leg injury occurs, it can cause you to experience pain. It can also make mobility difficult or impact your ability to walk, lift or perform any type of manual labor. Unfortunately, in many cases, this means that knee and leg injuries will affect your ability to earn a living. Treating knee and leg injuries can also become expensive, as you may need medication, physical therapy or even surgery such as knee replacement surgery.

McDonough, Georgia Workplace Accidents and Knee or Leg Injuries
Knee or leg injuries can happen at any time and they have a variety of different causes. As one state's Occupational Safety and Health Division indicated, however, people are at special risk for knee injuries if they routinely perform tasks that regularly require "stopping, kneeling or squatting.

This means that knee and leg injuries happen not just as a result of accidents, but also as a result of movements you make while on the job or as a result of repetitive stress that your body suffers when you are performing work.

Regardless of how your knee injury occurs or whether it happens suddenly or develops over time, you should be covered by workers' comp as long as the injury is caused by your work. This is true even if you suffer your knee or leg injury while performing work somewhere other than your routine job location. It is also true even if you were somewhat careless in injuring yourself and/or if your employer was not negligent in any way. Because workers' comp is supposed to cover you for any work-related knee injury, you should always contact a McDonough, Georgia workers' compensation lawyer if you are being denied workers' comp benefits.

Types of Leg and Knee Injuries and McDonough, Georgia Workers' Compensation
Workers' comp will pay for your medical bills as well as for disability benefits if your workplace injury reduces your income either temporarily or permanently. If your knee or leg injury makes it impossible for you to work at all, you can also receive ongoing disability benefits, sometimes for the rest of your life.

Whether or not you are eligible for disability benefits is going to depend upon how severe your knee or leg injury is. Some common examples of knee or leg injuries you may experience include:
  • Fracture of the knee; thighbone; tibia; growth plate; femur or shinbone
  • Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries
  • Combined knee ligament injuries or collateral ligament injuries
  • Meniscal tears
  • Tendon Tears
  • Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) injuries
  • Tear of the quadriceps tendon
  • Knee cap damage
These are just some of the different types of knee and leg injuries you may experience. Treatment can vary from rest (which will necessitate time off work or light duty) to physical therapy to surgery including total replacement of the knee.

Getting Help from a McDonough, Georgia Workers' Compensation Lawyer
Workers' compensation benefits are intended to protect workers and to make sure you don't experience serious financial loss as a result of an injury you sustain while doing your job. To take advantage of the workers' compensation protections provided under the law, contact Van Sant Law, LLC today. Our dedicated and experienced McDonough, Georgia Workers' Compensation Lawyers have represented clients throughout McDonough, Georgia and the surrounding area who have been hurt on the job and we can put our legal knowledge to work for you as well. Give us a call today at (404) 991-5950 or use our online contact form to get in touch and learn how we can help.

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