Woman Paralyzed After Being Dropped at Bar

Last week, a woman visiting a Buckhead bar was paralyzed permanently when a man she didn’t know picked her up and then dropped her accidentally. According to reports on My Fox Atlanta, the woman was at Wet Willie’s when a man that she had never met approached her. He attempted to pick her up, and she repeatedly told him to stop.
Regardless of her protests, the man lifted her up off of the ground and then dropped her. The man then fell on top of her in the bar. The woman fell in such a way that she could no longer move her arms and legs. Personnel at the bar called emergency services and she was rushed to the hospital. The 38-year-old woman is being treated at the Atlanta Medical Center for serious injuries and paralysis. The authorities are not sure who other man was, but say that he may be charged with assault and battery.
Chances are that the individual was intoxicated at the time of the incident, and was not aware of the danger that he was putting this woman in. She certainly has the right to sue the individual for his complete negligence. Also, she may be able to seek compensation from the bar because personnel failed to step in when the exchange was taking place.
Regardless, the woman is devastated by the loss of her mobility and will most likely sue to get financial damages which will cover her medical bills affiliated with the accident.

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