DeKalb County police are still looking for the driver of a tractor-trailer crash that set off a chain-reaction crash that left Gashaw Tefera and Artraceous “Trey” Little dead. Investigators believe that during Tuesday’s morning commute a tractor-trailer struck a Ford Focus, causing the Focus driver to lose control and collide with a Toyota Camry, then he tractor-trailer driver left the scene. It is outrageous when tractor trailer drivers leave the scene after a serious accident because they are fearful of losing their job. They are cowards and ever effort should be made to locate the driver! Macy tractor trailer fleets are quipped with GPS systems and dispatch know exactly where the trucks are at all times. Interviewing all the witnesses and thoroughly reviewing all available evidence can lead to the identity of the at fault driver and trucking company. Most egregiously, the trucking company probably has a very good idea if it was one of their truck that could have been responsible for this accident, but they seldom come forward and disclose this information.

If you are driving please pay attention to the tractor trailers around you and keep a safe distance. Also, if you notice a tractor trailer driving erractially call the poice and the trucking comapny inmmediately to repor the driver. Finally, if you witness an accident please stay on teh scene until you can provide the investigating officers with as much information as you can.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident with a tractor trailer, be sure to call truck accident attorney David Van Sant immediately so that critical information can be preserved before it is too late.

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