All medical care providers are obliged to offer a professional standard of care. From surgeons to dentists to general practitioners to specialists, doctors are judged based on what a competent medical professional with a similar background would have done. If no reasonable doctor with similar experience would have made the mistake the doctor made under the circumstances, a claim may be made for medical negligence. medical-faculty-1530317

Patients must be aware of the many different types of behaviors that can be considered medical malpractice in Atlanta. Whenever a mistake occurred during treatment, it is imperative for patients to get legal guidance to determine if the error is compensable. If the patient can prove the doctor caused losses due to actionable negligence, the patient or his or her surviving family members can obtain compensation for actual economic losses as well as for compensatory or non-financial damages for things like pain and lost companionship.

Seven Top Causes of Atlanta Malpractice Claims

Recently, research was performed to determine the common mistakes made by medical care providers that lead to claims of malpractice. More than 4,000 primary care physicians and specialists were part of a study conducted by Medscape and reported on by Becker Hospital Review. The research revealed that the seven most common reasons for malpractice claims to be brought against healthcare providers included:

  • Failure to arrive at a correct diagnosis. In 31 percent of malpractice claims, patients alleged that the doctor they sought treatment from did not diagnose their illness correctly.
  • Botched treatment. In 31 percent of malpractice claims, patients alleged they experienced an abnormal injury as a result of problems with the procedures they underwent or the treatment which was provided to them by the caregiver.
  • Failure to treat. In 12 percent of claims, patients alleged their doctors did not provide medically-acceptable treatment for conditions the patients were experiencing.
  • Insufficient education and instruction. Four percent of patients making malpractice claims alleged doctors did not provide them with sufficient instructions or provide them with education about their treatments and follow-up protocols.
  • Medication errors. Four percent of malpractice claims arose as a result of patients not being administered medication properly. Medication errors could include administration of the wrong drugs; doctors prescribing drugs that have dangerous interactions with other medications a patient is taking; or patients being given either the wrong medication or the wrong dose of a medication.
  • Lax safety procedures. Three percent of patients claimed their doctors did not follow standard safety protocols and procedures in providing care.
  • Informed consent issues. Three percent of patients making malpractice claims were seeking compensation because their caregivers did not obtain the patient's informed consent before beginning treatment.

If you were harmed by these common mistakes or by other medical errors that affected your health, you need to get legal help. An attorney can assist in getting your medical records and proving malpractice occurred so you can be compensated for resulting losses.

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