It never makes sense to run from the police, and yesterday in southeast Georgia, three people in a car were killed when authorities say the driver tried to flee a traffic stop and ended up crashing into an ambulance that was enroute to the hospital.

Ironically, the three people who died were in the car that was running from the cops. The ambulance driver was not injured, and a passenger and paramedic who were in the back were treated for minor injuries at a local hospital.

Authorities say the accident happened early Tuesday morning after a Glynn County police officer tried to pull over a car. Glynn County Police Chief Matt Doering said the driver sped away and reached speeds of 100 mph as the officer followed in pursuit.

Doering told the Georgia Times-Union that the car then crashed into the ambulance.

The Georgia State Patrol identified the dead as the car’s driver, 29-year-old Candice Lynn Smith and 33-year-old passengers Coray Lee Lemon and Cedric S. Daniels.

As an Alpharetta accident attorney, we see all kinds of accidents. The driver of this vehicle put every citizen in her path at risk. The joy ride obviously ended tragically. Authorities will perform autopsies on the victims to determine if alcohol or drugs were involved in the poor judgment that led to the driver and her passengers’ deaths.

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