According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, three lives were lost last week in a tragic ambulance accident that occurred in Georgia. Two paramedics and a patient in the vehicle died when the vehicle collided with a tractor-trailer as it was speeding down a highway. Authorities say that the crash happened at about 5:00 a.m. on the GA 32 in Irwin County.

The State Patrol say that the tractor-trailer and a passenger car were both headed west0-bound on the two-lane road when the ambulance approached in the east-bound lane. The passenger car pulled off the roadway to yield to the oncoming ambulance, but as it did so the tractor-trailer jackknifed and blocked the ambulance.

The emergency rescue vehicle was zooming along so fast that the driver did not have time to stop the vehicle before it hit the jackknifed tractor-trailer. All passengers in the ambulance died. The truck driver survived the collision. At present, the Georgia State Police’s Specialized Crash Reconstruction Team is investigating the case. Charges will depend on the outcome of the investigation. If the police decide that the truck driver is responsible for the accident or was driving in a reckless manner, then this could result in prosecution.

Also, the families of those who died during the accident will have the right to seek compensation from the trucker if this is the case. Ambulance accidents like this one are devastating. If you’re loved one was killed in an accident of this nature or if you were injured in an ambulance accident, then you need to contact an Atlanta personal injury attorney today to help you with your case. With the right attorney on your side, you can gather the finances that you deserve. At the Van Sant Law Firm the lawyers have recovered millions of dollars for clients throughout the Georgia area. Hire them to tackle your case today!

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