There seems to be heightened attention on the brain and exercises to make it “work better.” We’ve all seen the ads for LUMOSITY, which advertises itself as a web site where you can “train your brain,” presumably to work smarter, remember better, and improve your life.

Now a new study from the University of California at Berekely points out that students who have studied 100 hours for the LSAT (the test you have to take to get into law school) had improved the connectivity between the left and right hemispheres of the brain and raised their overall IQ scores.

So studying makes you smarter? Who would have known?

The reality is that the skills involved in being a lawyer do require that we use both sides of our brain. We use the analytical side to process case facts and to investigate various aspects of a personal injury case. We also use the right side of our brain to develop creative court strategies or to counsel our clients. Both sides of the brain come in handy during a day in a law office.

The researchers at Berekely were neuroscientists who performed brain scans on 24 students both before they began an intensive 100 hour study program and after they completed it. They also studied 23 students before and “after” they didn’t do anything. For those who studied, the results showed increased connectivity between the frontal lobes of the brain, as well as between frontal and pareital lobes, which are parts of the brain associated with reasoning and thinking.

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