Aggravated assault on an office, felony obstruction, possession of an illegal substance, underage possession of alcohol, open container, reckless driving, and eluding-probably not the way most teenagers expect their “night out” to end.   However, that was the reality for 19 year old Adam Sides on February 24, 2011, when he found himself barreling into a police car head-on.

At some time around 1:15 a.m. early that morning, officers were alerted to a possible drug and alcohol violation at a Woodstock apartment complex.  Sides was one of seven individuals there.

When he attempted to flee, an officer hit him with a Taser; nonetheless, Sides managed to get to his vehicle.  In his flurry to leave, Sides ran over one officer’s foot.  A “three-mile, two county chase” then ensued.

Somewhere along the lines, Sides decided to make a U-turn.  Travelling at 15 miles an hour, he then collided head-on with a police officer.  The officer was only slightly injured; Sides was reportedly not injured at all.

A gallon jug of alcohol was found in Sides’ vehicle.

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