Cobb County officials are investigating the cause of an accident that killed a man Monday afternoon around 4 p.m. on Interstate 75 north of Atlanta.

Initial reports are focused on determining whether or not the driver, who has not been identified, had a medical emergency. A Department of Transportation HERO truck was about to stop to render aide to the vehicle, which was pulled over on the side of the interstate. The car then took off and ran off the highway, plunging into a ravine on the edge of a heavily treed area. The car caught fire and the body of the driver was badly burned. Dental records will be used to identify the victim, authorities say.

Every week drivers who are using medication or who have medical conditions have accidents. Heart attacks on the road are also not uncommon. Since accidents caused by medical conditions can not be predicted, it is important for drivers to be alert at all times to the actions of drivers around them.

While paranoia is not required when driving on the highway, the safest drivers do keep a safe distance between their vehicle and those in front of them. Monitoring traffic on all sides at all times, while focusing on the road ahead is a skill that drivers must master. This is another reason why cell phone use should be limited or eliminated while driving.

If every driver reduces the number of distractions in his or her own vehicle, every driver will be more alert to potential problems on the road.

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