A group of teenagers on a golf cart caused a horrific accident earlier this month after the driver lost control of a small pink golf cart and the vehicle swerved off the road and into some trees. One of the victims of the crash, a teenager girl with the initials J.D. was found unconscious in the bushes, and is now in the hospital with bleeding in the brain. She doesn’t remember the accident occurring, and was unconscious for four days. She is now awake, but cannot walk. This teen who should be enjoying her summer break faces a long recovery.

The teen fractured her skull and required a monitor inside her brain which could maintain the pressure in the brain. The teen has been complaining of headaches, but her mom says that she will eventually recover. According to Fox Atlanta, the golf cart was going way too fast as it sped down a narrow pathway on a hill. The police say that the driver of the golf cart, another teenager, may be charged for serious injury by vehicle, but crews are still investigating the accident site.

The Peachtree Police Department says that if anything, the driver will be charged with under-aged driving, as the local laws maintain that you must be 16 to drive a golf cart without an adult. The driver in the accident was only 15. The police say that golf carts are a common mode of transportation in Peachtree City, but they are not toys. It is not yet certain whether the family will file suit against the driver of the golf cart and her family. If you have been injured in a golf cart accident, you have the right to seek compensation. Talk to an Atlanta injury attorney today if you want more information about golf cart accidents!

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