Why You Need a Personal Injury Attorney that Tries Cases

Many personal injury cases are fought in courtrooms because guilty parties do not want to compensate victims appropriately. Not every attorney is experienced in fighting inside a courtroom against numerous opposing parties’ legal teams. Each jurisdiction has different time lines concerning the submission of claims and documentation for a personal injury case. Clients may need to wait for weeks or months to have a court date in busy jurisdictions. If the correct documentation is not received on time for a personal injury case, the courts can throw out the case for an extended amount of time, leading to delays in financial compensation for clients.

What are the Different Types of Personal Injury Cases?

The reason for many of these rules is obviously because you deserve the most compensation allowed after an injury occurs to pay for medical bills, property or vehicle damage and loss of wages. What seems like a small injury at the time of initial medical treatment may become a lifelong condition that leads to a permanent disability that makes daily living difficult. We work on many varieties of personal injury cases, such as:

  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Dog bite injuries
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Automobile accidents
  • Construction injuries
  • Boating accidents
  • Medical injuries
  • Food poisoning
  • Defective products

Actions to Take After an Injury Occurs

While recovering from a personal injury caused by someone else’s negligence, you must seek a knowledgeable attorney with experience in trying cases in a courtroom. There are several important actions for you to take after an injury, including:

  • Contact emergency medical services immediately for treatment
  • Begin collecting documentation of injuries and treatments from medical facilities
  • Never sign any document without understanding it completely
  • Do not accept money from insurance claims without an attorney’s assistance
  • Avoid discussing anything about an injury without an attorney present

Determine if the Law Firm Understands How Insurance Companies Operate

In Georgia, anyone who wants to file a personal injury claim with the court system must do so within a certain amount of time. The best personal injury law firm has trial lawyers with extensive knowledge of tort law to understand the economic impact a client is experiencing. Dealing with insurance companies and documentation is often a complex process during a personal injury case. Finding an attorney with actual work experience in the insurance industry is a fantastic way to get the most money when fighting for financial compensation in a courtroom after any type of injury.

How to Hire a Personal Injury Trial Attorney in Georgia

At Van Sant Law, of Georgia, we offer legal services for personal injury cases at several locations, including Atlanta, Alpharetta and Cumming. David Van Sant has experience working on many personal injury cases that require fighting in the courtroom, instead of negotiating in their law offices with opposing parties. New information concerning the personal injury trial cases taking place this year will be posted on the law firm’s website. Call us today, or complete our website’s online form to receive a response from our legal team within 24 hours.

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