A young labradour retriever that had been missing for more than a month after a car crash that had resulted in the death of an 8-year old boy and a drunk driver has been reunited with what remains of her family.

Jacob Gamble, 8, of Seattle was killed in an accident last month in Montana when a drunk driver smashed into the Gamble family vehicle. The drunk driver was also killed, but Jacob’s parents and younger brother Eil survived. Two dogs were in the Gamble car at the time of the accident. Both survived, but Bella, the young black lab, took off running into the woods in the confusing aftermath of the deadly tragedy.

With a grief stricken family back in Washington, more than 100 volunteers in Montana searched for Bella for nearly a month, and then just this week she walked into a trap that had been set for her, and Bella was on her way home. She had lost approximately 15 pounds, and her bones were exposed on her belly. She also had scars on her legs that are assumed to have been from injuries she sustained in the crash. Rescuers made arrangements to meet Mrs. Gamble and her younger son in Spokane, as returning to Montana was too much for the family to take after losing their son.

According to witnesses, when little Eli saw Bella, he was so excited it had everyone in the vicinity in tears. Bella also was excited, wagging her tail and jumping up and down.

Mrs. Gamble told reporters, “Drunk driving happens everywhere and people die everywhere,” she said. “But where this happened, the people of Missoula and Clinton have just been so unique and amazing. They all seem to have been touched by this tragedy.”

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