According to Fox News, a car slammed into a residential home in Cobb County early Tuesday morning. The homeowners were not hurt in the incident, which occurred on Sawmill Road in Marietta. The homeowners say that they were asleep in their bedroom at about 3:00 a.m. when they heard tires screeching and then a massive crash.

They ran outside and discovered a massive hole in their home and car parked inside. The accident happened in the location directly under the room that they were sleeping in. The drivers often speed up and down this street, but police believe that the reckless driving was because the individuals were fleeing. The police say that the car was stolen, and that the driver got away on foot. Authorities are still searching for the offender that caused the collision.

If he is arrested, he will be compelled to pay for the damage to the homeowner’s property. In almost all situations, when a driver slams into a house, the driver is then required to pay for the property damage as well as any personal injury damage that is a result of the accident. If you suffered a medical condition from the shock of the accident or even from just inhaling the dust after the collision, the driver may be liable to pay for these injuries as well.

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